Full Review: Huawei Matebook D

One size (small) to fit them all

Of the many variants available, the one that they sent me was the Matebook D. The packaging looked like a carbon-copy of Apple’s MacBook Pro packaging design. The “D” comes nicely wrapped in a fabric packaging which exudes an air of luxury. A Clamshell design with a choice of two colours, Space Gray and Silver which again is a seemingly unimaginative copy of the MacBook options. The “D” is thin, but not flagship-thin, coming in at sub-16mm at the front side. It comes with an assortment of essential ports, a pair of USB 3.0 ports (one on either side), a Type-C port that doubles up as a power port and HDMI connector.

Some More Eye-candy

I have worked with 13” notebooks and loved the portability and then played with the 15” ones and admired the screen real estate. The “D” slots in between these two with a 14” screen. It has a full HD resolution with one added feature, HDR. HDR screens provide an ability to display higher contrast colors giving a better visual experience when watching contents shot in HDR. Contents with HDR can be found on YouTube and Netflix readily and once you have watched the videos in HDR you’ll never go back. To find out the HDR feature is on the “D” really surprised me.

It’s All About the Power

It comes with an 8th generation i5 processor which is mated to 8GB of RAM. The hard disk is small at 256GB but it is not an ordinary hard disk, it is an SSD drive. SSD is not cheap and is present in all the flagship and expensive notebooks. Now all these specs made short work of just about anything that I threw at it, from browsing, watching videos, multiple spreadsheets or even really loaded powerpoints. A little gaming was also possible, running DOTA 2 at low to medium settings did not stumble the “D” but more graphic-intensive games can be a challenge to run. This is not designed to be a gaming notebook after-all.

Music to My Ears

Not only it has a beautiful screen, it comes with an amazing speaker and sound setup. Huawei has worked with Dolby to bring the Atmos sound to their mobile phones and they have brought the partnership over to the Matebook D. This tuning and technology really stand out when I was watching movies and listening to music with it. The sound staging was spot-on and volume from its four speakers was superb at its loudest.

HUAWEI MateBook D 14 stereo sound

With a Touch of the Finger

Finger print readers are a common thing on mobile phones but it’s uncommon on notebooks and often, they only come as a standard feature on the highest-spec notebooks, so it is a welcome addition to find it located together with the power button on the “D”.

HUAWEI MateBook D 14 finger touch

The one aspect of the Matebook D that impressed me the most was that Huawei decided to price this notebook at RM2999. Normally at this price I would expect the specifications to be entry level at best.

It is not often a relative new comer turns up with this combination of price and performance. The Matebook D differs from the average laptop. I think the built and specifications is exemplary. The only downsides to me are the unimaginative packaging and colour options which seems to imitate one of their competitors, which to me is unnecessary. The product can stand on its own and they can perhaps learn a thing or two from their mobile division. If you are looking for a notebook, go check this one out.

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