From Game to Anime Series; Dota is Coming to Netflix

Recently, Netflix has taken a very bold move by an adaptation of The Witcher, a famous fantasy drama novel series. The novel series which at first was made as a video game has gained tremendous popularity and then came to Netflix as a TV series. The adaptation has attracted lots of attention and surprisingly turned out to be good.

Taking that success as an inspiration, Netflix once again is trying to make another series based on a video game. Adapting something to a movie series is a huge gamble, knowing that the initial product could have their own fanbase and it is hard to please everyone.

For years, the multiplayer online game, Dota 2 by Valve has been creating its own journey to stardom of the gaming world. They have millions of players across the globe and tournaments that offer cash prizes as well other gaming accessories. The success then got topped with their own anime coming very soon on Netflix.

By the name of Dota: Dragon’s Blood, the series will be on Netflix Malaysia on March 25.

Here is the synopsis of the series.

“The sweeping fantasy series tells the story of Davion, a renowned Dragon Knight devoted to wiping the scourge from the face of the world. Following encounters with a powerful, ancient eldwurm as well as the noble Princess Mirana on a secret mission of her own, Davion becomes embroiled in events much larger than he could have ever imagined.”

The series is under the work of Ashley Edward Miller (X-Men: First Class, Thor and Black Sails) as showrunner as well and executive producer, studio MIR (The Legend of Korra and Netflix’s Voltron: Legendary Defender) is responsible for animation, with Ryu Ki Hyun serving as Co-Executive Producer.

There will be 8 episodes in total so be sure to not miss any of those episodes once it’s out in March.

The series looks promising from the trailer and enough to get the fans or the gamers community to be hyped about it. Too early to judge anything but hopefully, the series will do justice to the legendary video game.

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