Free Channels for Astro Subscribers Throughout the MCO 2.0.

MCO has been announced (again) and most likely we as responsible civilians will spend our time at home. As we are working from home, obviously, we are seeking for entertainment to ease the boredom we have. Hence, if you are one of the Astro subscribers, this news must be the one you are looking forward to.

Astro has announced that it would offer access to its Kids Pack and News channels to keep the customers entertained as well as less bored.

These channels will be accessed aligning with the period of two-week MCO which is from January 13 to January 26. The channels are also accessible through Astro Go (iOS, Android, Huawei AppGallery).

For News, the channels that are open for access are CNN, BBC World News, Al Jazeera English, Channel News Asia, Bloomberg TV, CNBC Asia, ABC Australia and Astro Awani. For Kids, the channels offered are Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, Nick. Jr and Boomerang.

Kids can occupy their time by watching cartoon or sitcoms and for the general public who simply wanted to stay updated of the being of the world can tune in to any of the News channels. This initiative is very helpful for parents who are working from home and having to deal with the children as the order goes on.

During the first MCO, Astro has granted the access such wise to the movie channels. As the extension of it made in April, more channels are given including education and sports.

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