Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Twitter & 47 Other Tech Titans Team Up To Challenge Trump Ban

In any other situation, competitors such as Twitter and Facebook would never join forces but you know what they say, right? The enemy of my enemy is a friend, and that’s exactly whats happening here.

Tech titans such as Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Twitter are among 52 companies that have teamed up to file a legal brief challenging  US President Donald Trump’s temporary ban on the entry of certain foreign workers to preserve jobs for Americans during the coronavirus pandemic.

Given how bad the coronavirus situation has become in the US, Trump declared back in June that foreign workers entry into the country will be temporarily suspended until the end of the year in a move that his administration claimed would open up jobs for thousands of unemployed Americans.

If you’ve worked in America, you might be familiar with the H-1B visa. These visas, along with specialised workers being transferred within a company on L visas and seasonal workers entering on H-2B visas are all affected by the ban. Both H-1B and L visas are used by tech companies when acquiring the best skilled foreign labour.

In the brief, which was filed in California on Monday, the tech titans basically argue Trump’s claim that the move would protect US workers, exclaiming that the visa restrictions would in actuality hurt American businesses, lead employers to outsource workers and wreck even more havoc on the already struggling US economy.

The brief also reads that “Global competitors in Canada, China, and India, among others, are pouncing at the opportunity to attract well-trained, innovative individuals.,” which makes total sense, really. At the same time however, mitigating the effects of a pandemic as bad as Covid-19 is of utmost importance and Trump’s ban does look like the most simple quick fix.

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