Ministry: Excessive Use Of Earbuds Can Cause Hearing Loss

There has been debates in household or more closely to verbal lashings by parents, on the constant use of earphones among their children. Most often you hear the adults telling their children on the damage these gadgets can cause, if they never come off the head or if they are tuned high. But of course the adolescent in the family knows better, shrugs of the reminders, increases the volume and walks away, disregarding them as “old wives tale”.

Its however far from that, the Ministry of Health has now issued a cautionary advice to all earphone users, who are on the rise due to the widespread use of smartphones, to limit the use of the audio accessory to within 90 minutes. It has warned that excessive use of earphones over a long period of time can cause irreversible damage to the intricate organs in the inner ear. And once you lose your hearings there is no scientific method in getting them back, the loss of hearing is gradual and is often undetected until its too late.

In its report, the Ministry listed precautionary methods one should apply when using earphones, firstly the use of earbuds are not recommended, minimising the use of such accessory is better, always keep the volume below the 50% region and after a long abusive session, allow the ear to rest for at least 16 hours for the organs to repair themselves.

This is the first time the Health Ministry has issued such warnings which comes after the rise in hearing related incidents among youngsters. It is common to see these group use earphones regularly nowadays, they are either using them with their smartphones or gaming and without proper guidance these group could be staring at a slow but unpreventable loss of their hearing.

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