Donald Trump Accuses Twitter Of Illegal Activity; Twitter Bites Back & Makes Him Look Stupid

Remember the good ol’ days when Donald Trump rational enough not to think that every small thing that didn’t go his way was part of some larger conspiracy against him? Yeah neither do I.

If we’re talking in Travis Scott song titles, the US president has been in a sort of SICKO MODE lately. Why? Well, his handling of both the coronavirus pandemic and racial issues in America is turning out to be one big pseudo-campaign aimed at getting him re-elected, and it just might work too.

Lately, the president seems to be obsessed with LAW & ORDER, and he makes that very known by ending the occasional tweet with those exact words and sometimes if we’re lucky, even tweets just that.. randomly. What a guy :’) For someone so obsessed with law & order however, he doesn’t seem to be too well versed with the law.

For some strange reason, Trump was outraged on Saturday when a four minute video he posted that included images of George Floyd and protestors was taken down by the very platforms he recently declared war on (Yeah, normally i’d be surprised but at this point i’m just numb). 

Facebook and Instagram removed posts containing the video while Twitter disabled the video but before you start thinking that Facebook has finally seen the light, the reason the video was removed was because it infringed the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). So it was basically a copyright issue more than anything.

As you’d expect, that didn’t stop Trump from ramping up his “everyone is against me” rhetoric, and the president swiftly took to Twitter (the irony) to denounce the move as illegal. Of course, Twitter was having none of it and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey responded with the facts:

Facebook too, responded by referring to the copyright infringement but strangely enough, YouTube didn’t remove the video so perhaps Trump is on to something here? Who knows.

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