DJI Offers Reward To Detect Issues On Drone Software

Using the power of public feedback, DJI is taking the task to fix any bugs on its software by kicking-off a program that rewards customers who discover security issues.

The DJI Threat Identification Reward Program is part of an expanded commitment the drone maker is working with researchers and others to discover, disclose and remediate issues that could affect the security of DJI’s software.

Among the insights the people at DJI aim to gather are issues that may create threats to the integrity of users’ private data, such as their personal information or details of the photos, videos and flight logs. And also to detect issues that may cause app crashes or affect flight safety, such as geofencing restrictions, flight altitude limits and power warnings.

Rewards for qualifying bugs will range from $100 to $30,000, depending on the potential impact of the threat. The program is an on going effort to curb and limit problems users have been having with the software.

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