Digital Piracy Caused Annual Loss of RM3b for Local Media and Entertainment Industry

Digital piracy has always been the main enemy for the entertainment industry. The impact they hold always affects the workers regardless if they are performers or someone who’s working on set or studio.

Roughly, the local media and entertainment industry has suffered for around RM3 billion due to the issue. 

In a joint statement through Bernama yesterday mentioned that it has resulted in the government losing an estimated RM500 million in tax revenue and leaving thousands of jobs at risk. The players in the industry also praised the recent actions taken by the authorities in going against the crime.

On February 8, a company in Shah Alam has become the first company to be charged in court under Section 41 (1)(ha) of the Copyright Act 1987 for selling technology or equipment for the purpose of the circumvention of technological protection measure referred to in subsection 36A(3) of the same act.

The company pleaded guilty to the charge and sentencing will be made on March 1. Last week, a woman pleaded guilty for possession of 6 TV media boxes which allowed illegal streaming of Astro’s content through the Internet. 

She was fined for RM30,000 under Section 232(2) of the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998, making her the first illicit streaming device (ISD) seller to be charged under this provision.

The honorary secretary of Malaysian Film Producers Association (PFM) said that a heavier punishment should be imposed against those who have committed such offences.

Laila Saat, the Astro’s director of regulatory said that the piracy has become pervasive to the extent that people forget it is a type of theft and crime.

Piracy is just as equal as theft and should not be normalised. Every expense we made for the industry will be the income to the industry players and piracy only benefited the irresponsible person behind it. Be wise and choose wisely which one you would support.

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