Contest: How to say #EyeCare with BenQ Malaysia

The human eye is remarkable. It can alter focus to see near and far. It allows us to have depth perception. It can also detect the flicker in a computer monitor or a fluorescent lamp that needs to be replaced. This ability to notice flicker has led to a new syndrome called Computer Vision Syndrome or CVS.

CVS is caused by our eyes constantly attempting to adjust to the flicker it sees. Our ciliary muscle (which alters the curvature of the lens) strains trying to keep up with the nearly invisible flicker. This strain is what causes eye fatigue and pressure to rise when users spend long hours staring at the screen.

#BenQEyeCare monitors features a unique de-flickering backlight circuit controller which achieves flicker-free display. With flicker-free display, you can say goodbye to eye strain and eye fatigue when you spend long hours gaming. Use the #BenQEyeCare as your #ps4monitor for gaming today!

In saying that we care for #EyeCare, and BenQ Malaysia is giving the chance to one lucky winner to win a #BenQEyeCare monitor. To join our contest, complete the three steps below. Don’t forget to share on your Facebook as PUBLIC to qualify!

#BenQEyeCare Competition – Week 3

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