CES 2018: NVIDIA Introduces Insane BFGD 4K HDR Monitor

One of the big announcements from CES 2018 comes from NVIDIA as it introduces its insane BFDG 4K HDR Monitor technology. This a true testament to insanely large gaming displays and is the world’s first attempt that specifically aims at gamers.

While you may be thinking the abbreviation stands for something else, it actually stands for ‘Big Format Gaming Display’. NVIDIA and its other partners, ASUS, HP and Acer, will be building its own iteration of NVIDIA’s new concept.

Standing at 65-inches, the NVIDIA BFGD 4K HDR Monitor concept is the size of your modern-day TV. This is something most will definitely take some getting used to. All NVIDIA BFGD 4K HDR monitor units will also feature NVIDIA G-Sync technology, promising to eradicate screen tearing and stuttering to obliteration. This works through Variable Refresh Rate Technology, which will synchronise with the display’s refresh and frame rates. This gives it ultra-low latency while making your games and videos seamlessly smooth.

Speaking of refresh rate, the NVIDIA BFGD 4K HDR Monitor comes with a native 120Hz refresh rate. It is much lower as compared to many other gaming monitors that feature either 144Hz as the standard. However, how many other gaming monitors do we know stands at 65in?

Of course, for all this to work, the monitor must pair with a PC running a compatible NVIDIA GPU. Aside from being a great companion to PCs, they will also work well for Android gaming and game consoles. This is all possible through the NVIDIA GameStream technology, giving the monitors greater variety to work with.

NVIDIA also says that its NVIDIA BFGD 4K HDR Monitor concepts will support true HDR for videogames and other video sources. Its direct-backlit LED display can get up to 1,000 nits of brightness, ensuring your picture quality is bright, sharp and crystal clear. To top it all off, the monitor comes with native 4K resolution to bring you true-to-life imagery.

While its specs are a thing of beauty to marvel, the NVIDIA BFGD 4K HDR Monitor will also come with NVIDIA Shield. The NVIDIA Shield is capable of streaming 4K HDR content directly from Netflix, Amazon and other streaming platforms as well. This bundle will include a remote and game controller for the monitor, inclusive of s a far-field mic. This allows for hands-free “OK, Google” access, directly to Google Assistant.

No news have come out yet on the exact release date of NVIDIA BFGD 4K HDR Monitor line-up. However, word around puts the release in the Summer of 2018 with Acer Predator, HP Omen, and ASUS ROG taking a crack at it as well.

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(Source: NVIDIA, CNET)

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