Astro User Base Grows To 5.6 Million

Astro, the sole satellite broadcast service provider is showing resilience despite stiff competition from video streaming providers like Netflix, iFlix, Viu and Tonton who have all ramped up their offerings in recent months. The company has reported an increase in user base to 5.6 million a 7% addition with mostly coming from Njoi subscriber, the free subscription model it rolled out 2 years back.

Loyal customers who continue to pay hundreds for the service are those hooked to the English Premier League which the broadcaster airs and this has been the lure since day one of its operation. As expensive it may be, Astro will not be letting this jewel slip away and has confirmed exclusive right for the 2021/2022 season as well. Football fans can look forward to all 380 matches live and in HD across TV and Astro Go, with selected matches available in 4K UHD. It also benefited from broadcasting FIFA World with TV viewership reaching an all-time high of 11.6 million, and 1 million on Astro GO resulting in over 120k passes sold, as revenues increased by 50% compared to 2014 World Cup.

Boasting a wide spread of engagement across its platform, it reports the viewership for TV is now at 23 million, 16.9 million weekly radio listeners, 7.0 million average monthly unique digital visitors, 1.5 million shoppers and 920,000 households are on it’s demand services.

The surprise factor is the growth of the online shopping service the company provides, tapping into Malaysian favourite pass-time obsession, the Go Shop saw a revenue jump of 34% to RM177 million, with total registered customers increasing by 50% to 1.5 million.

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