Apple’s ‘Interesting’ Looking Airpod Pro’s; Starting Off From RM RM 1,099

Apple has got a new addition to their Airpods lineup, and now they’re bringing on the Airpod Pro. This new model will feature active noise cancellation, as well as hands free access to Siri for the cheap price of $249 (RM 1042)! Localised, it’ll be RM 1,099 for official Malaysian pricing.

And don’t fret guys, the pricing and new features aren’t the only update the Airpods are getting. There’s also a change in their design, where they’ve added in silicone ear tips, supposedly to offer a better seal. And I’m guessing this is what makes the Pro variants, noise-cancelling.

Not only that, but Apple are saying the Airpods Pro offer “Superior sounds quality” with a feature called Adaptive EQ. This tool will “automatically tune” low and mid-range frequencies, apparently, to suit each person’s ears. There’s also an amplifier to improve clarity, and extended battery life. There’s a bunch of other features that make the Pro better than it’s younger brother, but none as substantial as design and the features mentioned above.

But of course, the internet being the internet, they’ve made a meme out of the Pro’s already.

The AirPods Pro are available to order on and the Apple Store app starting today and in stores beginning Wednesday, October 30.

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