Apple to Announce New Hardware Tonight

Apple’s Special Event is taking place tonight at 10PM Malaysian time. While the company has been tight-lipped about the event, rumours have been flying about what will be unveiled. The biggest of these rumours is that a brand-new iPad will be released, and experts are weighing in that it will be one of the company’s best tablets.

Apple’s current iPad line-up consists of four types of iPad versions. Starting with the smallest, the iPad mini 4 is the diminutive “little brother” of the pack. The screen is a 7.9-inch LCD panel, with back-lit LEDs. Internally, the mini 4 has the Apple A8 processor manufactured on the 20nm die, and 2GB RAM to keep things chugging along. The mini 4 currently sells for the price range of RM 1,784 to RM 2,321 depending on storage options. Base storage option starts at 16GB and goes up to 128GB.

Next is the iPad 2018 or also known as iPad 5th Gen, as it was the fifth iPad to be released in “standard” format. Standard is a 9.7-inch LCD back-lit LED screen, sporting the A10 processor manufactured on the 16nm die. The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus also have the same processor. This iPad has the same 2GB RAM configuration as the mini 4, and storage options range from 32GB for basic and 128GB for the higher version. The iPad 2018 sell for RM 1,447 to RM 2,371 depending on which storage option and whether you want cellular mobile capability.

Wandering into Pro territory now, are the big brothers of the pack. The Apple iPad Pro is split into two versions, differentiated by size of the screen, 10.5-inch and 12.9-inch individually. They share the same processor, Apple’s A10X Fusion chip manufactured on a 10nm die. This chip is a more powerful version than the A10 on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Both the Pros sport 4GB of RAM and 120 Hz touch-sensing screens. This 120 Hz is what sets the Pros apart from the regular and mini iPads. It can accommodate the Apple Pencil to draw and sketch with incredible accuracy and clarity. With such advanced specifications, the Pros command the higher end of the price spectrum. They range from RM 2,976 to RM 5,666 depending on storage and mobile LTE capability.

Whatever Apple is cooking up, will be revealed when the digital curtain goes up tonight at 10PM.


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