Apple iOS 13.5 Update To Fix Face ID Unlock Issue When Wearing A Mask & More

It’s rather ironic but lets face it, face scanners on smartphones have become more of a nuisance than a convenience lately. With face masks now becoming a must have item, millions of people around the world have been having trouble unlocking their phones because, well.. masks cover faces, it’s just what it does.

That being said, Apple has been working on the solution to this pesky problem with an update that will make it easier to unlock Face ID-equipped iPhones while wearing a face mask. That’s right, Apple is releasing the GM versions (basically beta) of iOS 13.5 as well as iPad 13.5 to developers, with a public release expected to follow.

The upcoming version of iOS will get around the pesky mask problem by recognizing when someone is wearing a mask and skipping directly to the passcode prompt. For security reasons, the Face ID tool won’t unlock the phone until the mask has been removed but hey, it’s an improvement for sure.

That’s not the only feature thats getting a polish in the new update. Apple’s Covid-19 exposure notification is also being updated. How it works is by exchanging anonymous identifiers whenever two people are in close range, with proximity being detected via Bluetooth. Should someone be diagnosed with Covid-19, their device will then come up with a list of everyone it’s been in contact with to the cloud. Pretty nifty stuff, really.

Other additions to this update include the option to have more control over your Group FaceTime calls as well as bug fixes. iOS 13.5 is expected to be released to the public soon, so stay tuned and let us know what you think!

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