Apple Discontinues iPhone Touch ID Production, Focusing On Future Innovations

According to Tech TRP, recent reports indicate that Apple has permanently ceased the production of equipment required for crafting iPhone Touch ID chips, signaling a definitive shift away from incorporating fingerprint scanners in its future iPhones.

According to insights shared by an integrated circuit expert on Weibo, the tools previously utilized for producing Touch ID chips have been shuttered permanently, with the third-gen iPhone SE (2022) being the last model to incorporate this technology, as reported by MacRumors.

The forthcoming fourth-generation iPhone SE is expected to embrace a full-screen design featuring Face ID, a departure from the trend observed among most Android manufacturers who are opting for under-display Touch ID sensors.

While Apple seems to be moving away from Touch ID in the immediate future, ongoing speculation suggests the tech giant is actively engaged in the development of under-display fingerprint technology. This innovation is anticipated to make its debut around 2026, aligning with rumors surrounding the integration of Face ID beneath the device’s display.

This strategic move by Apple indicates a commitment to advancing biometric authentication technologies, with a focus on facial recognition while exploring under-display fingerprint options. As the landscape of smartphone security evolves, Apple’s decision is likely to influence industry trends and user expectations.

Credit to Tech TRP


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