First Checkout Free Amazon Go Goes Live this Week

After organising try-outs at selected conferences and a proper demo introduction, Amazon Go goes live this week. The very first check-out free convenience store will open to the public in Seattle on Monday this week.

Per what many would expect, there will be a big opening sequence when Amazon Go goes live. There should be since the internal testing came to light more than a year ago and many are waiting.

The concept allows any customer with an Amazon account walk into the Amazon Go store, pick up what they want, and walk out. Of course, users have to check-in via the QR code on the Amazon Mobile app so the AI can track what they’re getting via overhead cameras and weight sensors.

Once they leave, the app will automatically debit their accounts for the items taken. No queuing at check-out line necessary.

According to GeekWire, it gets more interesting when users are filling up their carts or bags. Amazon claims the tracking is precise to distinguish customers who are crowding a shelf and figuring out who took what item. It can also determine if products are no longer on the shelf for quick label checks or browsing.

What this will mean for personnel management and training at retail, no one can say for sure. It will definitely disrupt how customers are now being engaged at retail. After purchasing Whole Food 365, there is the possibility of Amazon Go rolling out into Whole Food stores. There is also the off-chance Amazon may consider linking the physical retail platform to its eCommerce service.

Amazon is keeping mum on these opportunities as it fully commits to introducing the Amazon Go proper. Those in the US who are keen to try this new service may do so soon as the app for Android and iOS are already out.

(Source: GeekWire)
(Cover picture credit: Wired)

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