Akamai Connector Launched By Akamai Tech

Akamai Technologies announces the launch of the new Akamai Connector for Salesforce Commerce Cloud. It will enable companies to provide custom experiences for shoppers across the web, mobile, social, and in-store. Salesforce can also help brands provide a completely unified experience for customers , extending beyond commerce to include marketing, customer service and more.

akamai connector

Akamai integrating the Akamai Connector with Salesforce Commerce Cloud allows organisations full use of Akamai’s Web Performance solutions. Salesforce customers can leverage the new Akamai Connector to achieve end-to-end performance and reliability. This brings with it the added benefit of solid security protection. Salesforce customers also get to connect their storefronts to Akamai’s cloud security and web performance solutions when using Akamai Connector. This protects sites, mobile infrastructures as well as API-driven requests from potential hackers. As such, users are ensured an optimised as well as secure user experience.

On top of that, Akamai Connector also helps e-merchants eliminate several barriers into the digital economy. Akamai Connector fully handles the layering of an alternative Content Delivery Network (CDN) together with Salesforce embedded CDN. With improved performance, retailers can minimize the risk of having poorly performing sites and maximize their ability to maximize revenue by delivering the best customer experience possible across the globe.

“We believe the Salesforce and Akamai collaboration opens a wealth of possibility,” said Craig Adams of Akamai Technologies. “We’re excited to join forces with Salesforce and offer customers an end-to-end experience with the Akamai Connector to help them protect their business from security threats, unpredictable performance and delivery challenges for doing business online.”

“Creating personalized, omnichannel experiences is now more important than ever for brands,” said Mike Wolff, SVP, ISV Sales, Salesforce. “By leveraging the power of Commerce Cloud and the new Akamai Connector, customers can optimize web and mobile app performance and deliver the best experience to their customers as their business grows.”

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