Adobe Experience Forum 2018 Fosters Innovation in Business Solutions

The Adobe Experience Forum 2018 is a place where industry leaders and digital marketers gather to share their knowledge and to experience Adobe’s new Experience technologies. The forum returns to Malaysia for its second year ever, and with it are new innovations for Adobe Experience Cloud. These new capabilities are seen in Advertising Cloud, Marketing Cloud, and Analytics Cloud.

The highlights of Adobe Experience Forum 2018 are:

Next-Generation Cloud Platform

Adobe’s next-generation Cloud Platform is also known as the Experience System of Record. It is a technology that manages and interprets data. The platform comes with a unified customer profile, Adobe Sensei services, and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) readiness. On another hand, Adobe Sensei will also offer developers better customisability to match their organisation needs.

Adobe Advertising Cloud

Advertising Cloud Creative expands on Adobe’s Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) to give marketers control over basic design elements. This includes advertising copies and display ads. Adobe expects the rollout process of new messaging and design to be painless and cheaper than ever. Creative assets made with Adobe Creative Cloud will also automatically transfer over to Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative, allowing marketers to target and optimise advertising with ease.

Adobe Analytics Cloud

Adobe Analytics integrates rich analytic capabilities with data management and audience syndication. A new addition to the platform gives customers insights into online and offline audio. Listening behaviour, streaming quality, and monetisation opportunities are among the new possible data points it can cover.

Adobe Marketing Cloud

New Adobe Sensei content capabilities are coming for Marketing Cloud. These include intelligent image discovery, which tailors images for different screens, and automated personalisation of content. Creative Cloud applications also get Experience Manager support, streamlining creative and marketing workflows. Additionally, Adobe Campaign includes a new creative designer to simplify the creation of emails.

Adobe Experience League

Last but not least, the company introduces Adobe Experience League, a program offering guided learning for Adobe Experience Cloud customers. Some of the available content include one-on-one support from experts, training materials, as well as a connection to a community of professionals. Adobe also offers an Adobe Experience Index to help users assess for themselves how far they have progressed and how they can proceed.

Notable keynotes at Adobe Experience Forum 2018 include talks with Peter Pohlschmidt, Head of Digital at Malaysia Airlines and Andywira Othman, Head of Digital at PETRONAS (Downstream). The two speak extensively about the current business climate and the need to embrace digital more than ever.

Malaysia Airlines is currently in a transformation process to improve how it automates and delivers experiences. Similarly, PETRONAS is embarking on a long journey of introducing digital technologies to its subsidiaries to better equip itself for the future of the oil industry.

“Malaysia is a key market for Adobe in Southeast Asia,” says V.R. Srivatsan, Managing Director at Adobe Southeast Asia.

“We’re seeing strong growth and adoption of digital technology in Malaysia, propelled by the government’s initiatives such as the Digital Free Trade Zone.”

Srivatsan adds that Adobe Experience Makers are the ones will stand out among the competition as the country further embraces digital technologies.

For more information on how Adobe is transforming the world with digital experiences, visit its website. Keep up to date with Adobe by checking out its Facebook page.

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