6 Shortcut Keys For Search On Windows 10


Mac users are familiar with shortcut keys and I have heard of our graphic designers boast of the usage of these keys. Getting into programs and files by just tapping two keys, always envied them. Being a Windows user, we are mostly accustomed to bars and scrolling to get to where we want, not that its time consuming or troublesome but shortcut keys would bring novelty to the OS.

Now with Windows 10, Microsoft is able to introduce a myriad of possibility including Shortcut Keys for finding items in the program. Here are 6 shortcut keys you can use:

  1. To find app and files – Just Press the Windows logo key and type the name of whatever you want to find in the search box.
  2. Search in Settings- Press Windows logo key + I, then search for the setting you’re looking for.
  3. Switch between open windows- Hold down the Alt key and keep pressing Tab until the window you want is selected. Then, release the Alt key.
  4. To add touch keyboard to the taskbar- Right-click on the taskbar, and then select Show touch keyboard button.
  5. To get to the Desktop quickly- Press Windows logo key + D to minimize all your open windows and go right to your desktop.
  6. To open File Explorer- Press Windows logo key + E, then open the folder you want in File Explorer

So, there you go Windows is making things more exciting with simple functions that one time were only reserved for the cult followers.

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