Grab Has Declared Region-Wide Covid-19 Vaccination Programme For Accessibility and Education

Grab has launched a region-wide programme to increase the vaccine access and education for all stakeholders on its platform. The programme is including a myriad of measures to encourage all passengers, driver and delivery partners to get vaccinated.  Grab also plans to work closely with local governments across the region to offer mobility, communications, and […]

Storytime: A Sarawakian Woman Loses RM5,250 to A ‘Duit Lama’ Scammer

Have you ever encountered such messages on Instagram? “Salam, my name is John from USA. I am looking for old coins, old notes, duit lama for collections to buy at a high price. Please DM me.” If you did, then this is a story where a housewife from Sarawak fell for this scam. This is […]

Taylor’s University Launches the Premiere Robotic Design & Development Degree in Malaysia

Taylor’s University is the first to have the bachelor’s degree in Robotic Design & Development. The programme is fabricated to give students a broad-based overview of multiple specialisations, utilising knowledge and skills from different engineering fields, to make them adaptable to today’s fast-paced employment market. The year programme which is endorsed by industrial experts from […]

Stay Online Always; Netgear 4G LBR20 Tri-band Wi-Fi Router Review

With MCO 2.0 being implemented now, we won’t be seeing much of the outside world unless it’s for work or to buy necessities. Due to the Covid-19 outbreak and now MCO, everything is rapidly being adapted to digital; online businesses, online classes, and cashless transactions. With everything now being online, we’re going to need to […]

Acer Presents The 2-in-1 Air Purifier, acerpure cool in Malaysia

We live in a hot and humid country which is indeed tropical but also can be very annoying. With the implementation of MCO throughout the country (except for Sarawak), we are enforced to stay indoors for most of the time. Acer would like to help you in keeping the indoor fresh air with acerpure cool. […]

Sony Sold Over 4 Million PS5 Consoles in The Holiday Quarter of 2020

It is no doubt that PlayStation 5 is one of the most anticipated game consoles of 2020. Even in Malaysia, it got sold out when it was still in the pre-order phase. People really won’t mind buying things as long as it gets hyped enough. Hence, with the sale of 4.5 million units, it is […]

Instagram Is Presenting ‘Recently Deleted’ For You To ‘Double Check’

Have you ever accidentally deleted a photo with your friend and you together just because you guys have a minor inconvenience that left you regret once the friendship is fixed?  Have you ever deleted photos of you and your ex on Instagram and then when you reconcile, you regretted the feeling too? Instagram has your […]