Covid-19: MoH Reports Over 600 Cases Today

Today, the Ministry of Health have identified 629 new cases, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 18, 758 cases, with 6,323 active cases as of October 16. The 629 new cases are broken down as 2 imported and 627 domestic. 245 new case have recovered, bringing the total of recovered cases to 12, […]

Spooktober: Horror Animated Movies You Should Watch This Halloween

Since we don’t really celebrate Halloween like some countries around the world, I have my own way to celebrate that particular “holiday”. As some of you may know, I’m a big horror fan so I love to watch horror movies and every Halloween, I will have a marathon of horror movies. But I know that […]

You’re Not The Only One; Twitter Is Experiencing Global Outage

Did you guys wake up today wanting to tweet something but you couldn’t? Or you want to check what’s trending but there’s nothing there? Well, I’m not sure if this is good news but you’re not the only one experiencing this problem. This apparently happened to a lot of people all over the world. Twitter […]

You Have Been Muted; Mojang Introduces New Mute Update On Minecraft

Have you ever been in a multiplayer server or map and there’s that one person who is super annoying and you just wish you can just mute them? I’m sure we’ve all experience that at least once in our gaming lives. In some games, if you’re the host, it is possible for you to kick […]