Stay Safe, Stay Healthy And Drink Purified Water From Coway Kecil

Coway Malaysia has unveiled its latest water purifier model Coway Kecil for the Malaysian market, where home space is increasingly a premium.  The water purifier will feature direct filtration technology with minimalist design and will be available from end of July 2020 onwards. Aptly named, Kecil (meaning small in Malay) shows that great things come in small packages. […]

US Media In Beijing Facing Intimidation

  US China relationship is taking another form with below the belt punches and nonsensical theatrics is now the theme. From global issues like trade, currency, espionage to health, the two superpowers are now going after media, intimidating both press organisations in their respective nations. On June 22, America issued a statement re-designating Chinese media […]

How Will Banks Assess Those Deserve Moratorium Extension? Can Explain?

There has been calls by the public who have utillised the loan moratorium during the stimulus package announcement, for it to be extended further after it expires in September. The calls has been heard and the government has left it to the banks to assess themselves if they want to. Ministry of Finance Minister Tengku […]

China Deals Death Blow To Hong Kong As We Know It; RIP Freedom Of Speech

We’ve known for a while now that the controversial National Security law imposed by China on Hong Kong would come into force, but what we didn’t know is what exactly it would entail. As details of the law emerge, it turns out that it’s pretty much a death blow to everything Hong Kong stands for. […]