US Ban Only Made Huawei Stronger, Profits Up For Another Year

IF the trade war conceived by President Donald Trump was meant to halt China from overtaking USA of having the biggest economy in the world, there are now clear evidence the ‘strategy’ is having little impact on Chinese businesses or its economy. Even the direct attack on its largest telecommunication company Huawei had cause little […]

Malaysia Is Fast Becoming A Joke Thanks To The Ineptitude Of Some Of It’s Leaders

For some strange reason, it seems that every time Malaysia makes it into the headlines, it’s almost always for something bad. The driving force behind Malaysia’s bad name has without a doubt been our “brilliant” government officials, and this stretches back all the way to the days of Najib Tun Razak. With the world battling […]

This Smartphone Comes With A Slider Keyboard… In 2020

The Astro Slide 5G Transformer is a well, looker a the very least. In the year 2020, the Astro Slide is looking to bring back slider phones, and well, I guess that’s cool? This is definitely not for everyone, but I can definitely see the appeal to some. The main appeal here, definitely has to be […]

Stay Connected With Free Data From Yoodo Throughout MCO

Malaysia’s first customisable digital mobile service, Yoodo, announced it will be increasing support for its users during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period. As recently announced by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC), Yoodo will also be providing all users with free 1GB of Internet data every day. Yoodo’s free data offer started on 30 […]

Astro Extends Complimentary Viewing to 14 April 2020

Astro remains committed to keep Malaysians informed and entertained during the Movement Control Order (MCO). With the extension of the MCO, Astro extends its complimentary viewing period to 14 April to encourage all Malaysians to stay home, stay safe and stay entertained. Complimentary Viewing Extension: All Astro Customers: Complimentary viewing to all movie, news channels and […]

Ramadan Bazaar Could Take Place With Terms And Condition

Federal Territory Minister has indicated that the upcoming Ramadan Bazaar a staple for the preparation of the fasting month could take place albeit with some modification and alteration to the concept. Expecting the Movement Control Order to cease on April 14, the various ministries will continue to work with the health officials ensuring social distancing […]

OnePlus Set To Revamp Their Cheaper OnePlus X Series Devices With OnePlus Z

OnePlus is notorious for being known as the ‘flagship killer’ of Android smartphones. They started introducing a budget segment to their devices, when they released the OnePlus X back in 2015. Now it seems, they’re finally making an update to he lineup with a device called the OnePlus Z. Rumours suggest that OnePlus is going […]

Steam Joins Sony And Microsoft In Preserving Bandwidth

Steam recently shared it will no longer auto-update players’ games regularly, in an effort to preserve bandwidth. Joining the efforts of both Sony and Microsoft, Steam is so far only limiting auto-updates, which honestly, isn’t that big of a deal. Steam will prioritise auto-updates to games you’ve played in the last 3 days. That doesn’t […]

Niantic Will Soon Let Pokémon GO Players Spoof From Home

Pokémon GO players in all parts of the world may soon be able to do their game activities from the comfort of their homes, according to Niantic. As the pandemic continues to progress at a negative rate, more places are being locked down to control the spread of the virus. That also means the group […]

China & Huawei Want To Bring Communism To The Internet

Ok fine, not exactly communism..But Still The internet is ever changing and China’s latest idea to redesign what is considered to be a key aspect of the internet raises more than a few eyebrows. According to the Financial Times, a group consisting of China, Huawei and other Chinese carriers have proposed a new internet protocol […]