[Review] Epson EH-TW8300 4K Home Theatre Projector: TV’s of the Future

4K Goodness If you thought spending money on a 4K TV was absurb to get cinema-like video quality, Epson goes ahead and introduces the EH-TW8300 4K Home Theatre Projector, blowing every other 4K TV out of the water. Its 4K Enhancement technology is straightforward – turning everything you watch into pristine, crisp and crystal clear […]

[Review] ASUS STRIX H270F Gaming: Finding the end of the Rainbow

Mainstream motherboard If you are looking to buy an Intel Kaby Lake processor for gaming, you would certainly like to buy an appropriate motherboard for that usage as well. But while most of the premium gaming motherboard offers functions such as great overclocking or a lot of PCIe slots for multi GPU, some gamers just […]

Get Tips From The Best At Cyberview Starter Kit Program

Malaysia is leaping into the digitisation age and everyone needs to embrace and be part of it, Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak made clear the vision set out for the country with various initiatives driven by MDEC and relevant agencies. Rightly so, industrial revolution 4.0 is the termed used for this phenomena where every industry is being digitised […]

Qualcomm Powers Owl Labs 360 Video Conference Speakers

Often not office meetings are mostly incomplete with someone either is on leave or abroad for good reasons, in place company’s resort to visual technology to have their presence. Using video conference as way to include the employee in an all important announcement or strategy or to get field updates, vital for the meet. But these video conference tools tend to sometime […]