[Review] Acer Swift 3: Work Swiftly

Convenient for working anywhere The laptop is designed to be slim enough that you can carry and work anywhere. Sure it’s not meant to be as portable as say a razor thin convertible, but feels like a slightly chunkier cousin of the Macbook Air. Great for the person on the go, who still likes the […]

[Review] ASUS Zenbook 3: Sleek, stylish and a little tad premium to many

Thin as a Razor When you pick this machine out of its box, you will not believe how thin it is. Barely a centimeter thick when closed, the design tapers like it is a blade, cutting down its competitors. Once you open it up the device looks premium and unlike any other in the market […]

G.Skill Announces DDR4 Memory For Intel Core X Processors

The release of Intel Core X series processor has gotten component manufacturers on hyper drive with they themselves readying for a surge in demand for high performance parts for DIY assemblers. For memory seekers, good news….G.SKILL International has announced new high-speed DDR4 memory specifications designed for the latest chipsets and X299 chipset motherboards. All the new memory kits […]

Picking Up Skills At Huawei P10 Photography Masterclass

Huawei positions deeply in smartphone photography with the P10 since packing Leica camera technology into its flagship devices. Expanding the association, the mobile manufacturer organised a photography masterclass for fans practical and theoretical tips on making the most of the Leica camera technology on their P10’s. Customers were taken through various photography workshops including cinematic, street, and visual […]

Facebook Group Admin Have More Page Control

Facebook is giving more control to group admins to help them manage the pages more effectively and have better insights with data. Mark Zuckerberg made announcement on new features added to the page management for admins at the first Facebook Communities Summit in Chicago. The CEO of probably the world most powerful internet company  with over 1 […]

Criminals Using Ztorg Malware To Inflict Android Devices

Cybercriminals are now targeting Android devices to inflict their next phase of ransom activities on unsuspecting victims. Kaspersky Lab engineers discovered Ztorg malware is hidden inside apps on the Google Play Store and by installing their malicious code in stages and wrapping a Trojan SMS around an encrypted rooting Trojan. The attackers then used the […]