Can the Samsung DeX Replace A Desktop?

Apparently so, as that’s the sell Samsung is making consumers believe on its new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone launched early this month. The phone promises a lot of things, and among them is the ability to replace desktops through a docking station connected to a monitor/keyboard/mouse setup. There has been similar claims by other vendors […]

Xpax Walla Plans Bring More Unlimited Entertainment To Customers

Xpax unveiled their latest entertainment pack, the Walla entertainment packs, available for Xpax and Celcom First customers. With Music Walla and Video Walla, customers can stream unlimited music as well as download more videos from RM 1. Both packages are bought as an add on, without affecting your existing data quota. ‘Walla’ is derived from […]

The New Surface Pro Coming to Malaysia?

Looks like Malaysia will be getting the new Surface Pro soon. Microsoft’s Malaysia website listed the new Surface Pro as a product that is “coming soon”. Along with the Surface Pen, the Signature Type Keyboard and the Surface Dock. Announced last night in Shanghai,  there are currently no details of pricing or actual dates have been […]

Huawei Shows Off MateBook X, E and D

Huawei introduced their latest lineup of MateBooks – MateBook X, MateBook E and MateBook D. All three MateBooks will begin shipping over the summer of 2017.   MateBook X The MateBook X is a 13-inch notebook with an 88 percent screen-to-body ratio and 4.4mm bezels. It includes a choice of powerful 7th Generation Intel Core i7 or […]

OPPO A77 Gives Customers Options In Mid-Tier Segment

OPPO phones are proliferating across Asia like how green moss spreads over wet surface, before you know it they engulf the whole surface. So what so special about these phones that consumers just cant get enough of. For one the camera quality and price while everything else about the phones is nothing to shout at, […]

IKEA Lets You Turn Your Lights On/Off with Voice

  IKEA will be letting you control your lighting with voice commands through Alexa, Google Assistant or setting up voice commands on Siri. IKEA said this functionality will be rolled out during summer and early autumn. The popular Swedish furniture retailer will integrate IKEA smart lighting range work with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit and Google Assistant. […]

Toyota’s Driverless Car Reasearch Veers to Blockchain

Toyota Research Institute has teamed up with MIT Media Lab and five other companies to explore using blockchain technology to develop driverless cars. The project would enable businesses and consumers to securely share data on testing and driving as well as the sharing and usage of such cars to help set insurance rates, according to a […]

TM Records Highest First Quarter In History

Announcing the first quarter results for financial year 2017 TM under the new leadership with Dato Sri Shazalli Ramly, the Group CEO was all smiles when he read out the results for January to March 2017 posting its highest first quarter in history. He attributed the performance to Tan Sri Zamzamzairani his predecessor who laid […]

Hacked by Words: Subtitle Files Hide Malicious Attacks

Forget emails, hackers are turning to subtitle files as a new attack vector. Victims who downloaded the malicious subtitle files, gives attackers access to exploit vulnerabilities in popular streaming platforms, including VLC, Kodi (XBMC), Popcorn-Time and – in turn giving them complete control of your devices. Checkpoint security notes that this type of attack is often […]

Date with Uber this Ramadan

      You’re so tired…of stressing about parking spaces and navigating traffic around Ramadan bazaars while getting ready for iftar. Uber hears you, and they want to help give you some slight peace of mind. This Ramadan, Uber is date-ing with Yusuf Taiyoob. Open up your Uber app on 25th May 2017 between 11AM […]