Here Are The Winners And Losers From The Malaysian Smartphone Game In 2019

Canalys have released their report for some of the best performing brands in Malaysia for the whole of 2019, and it seems most have experienced some significant Year over Year growth (YoY), with one exception. That of course, is none other than the infamous Huawei who’ve had a rough go of it ever since last year’s trade ban and loss of Google’s apps and services. They’ve lost only 7% of growth since last year, but considering at the start of 2019 they were expecting to be #1 worldwide, that’s not great.

On the other hand, the Chinese companies seem to have picked up in Malaysia with Oppo retaining their 2nd spot for the last two quarters and growing 21% since last year. Vivo also had a pretty good year with a 41% YoY growth, and 17% market share. Along with Xiaomi in 5th, with a 22% increase since last year.

Overall, it looks like the tone was set for last year with all companies retaining their sports over the last two quarters, Q2 and Q3. Samsung did have a slight decrease in growth for the year, losing out 19% of growth compared to 2018’s, which is somewhat surprising considering a rather admirable showing for the year.

But all this really points to is that people are starting to pick up other brands, and not just 1 brand conquers all. It used to be either Apple, or Samsung. Now it’s a whole host of options to pick from, which is a good thing. The only downside is there’s too much to take in sometimes. You get confused because people starting copying others naming conventions, but I’m not naming names cough Note cough.

Well whatever, let’s see how things play out for 2020, and if there’s any changes in the industry.

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