Samsung Integrates On-Device AI With The New Exynos 9 Series 9820 Processor

Samsung will be fitting its next generation flagship smartphones with the new Exynos 9 series 9820 processor featuring a fourth-generation custom CPU, 2.0-GBps LTE Advanced Pro modem, and an enhanced neural processing unit.(NPU) The AI capabilities in the processor is quite remarkable with the NPU, AI-related processing can be carried out directly on the device […]

Razer Phone 2 Receives Telco Deal

While Huawei continues to fight a losing battle getting its mobile phones accepted by US regulators, Razer from Singapore in its first foray as a smartphone brand has received the seal of approval from AT&T for nationwide distribution. The Razer Phone 2 is the first smartphone that sports 120hz framerate built with the sole purpose […]

Stardew Valley Grosses $1 Million on iOS in Three Weeks

Stardew Valley has received plenty of praise and success on PC and consoles. The farming sim, developed by Eric Barone, is now out on iOS and it looks like it’s doing pretty well. According to Sensor Tower, Stardew Valley grossed over $1 million on iOS since its launch three weeks ago. What’s also impressive about […]

Thumbdrive And Bottle Opener From TeamGroup

There are thumbdrives that serve just one purpose which is to store and transfer data but Teamgroup has now managed to elevate the duty of the humble USB drive to doing more, in fact the company has turned it to the Swiss Army of USB storage. The T183 compact thumbdrive with 128GB of space takes […]

Throwback Thursday: Sony PlayStation

What comes to your mind when you hear the name PlayStation? Immediately, one would say it’s a gaming console. You’re not wrong but there’s more to the PlayStation brand itself than just a console. It is a gaming brand consisting of home video game consoles, handheld consoles, a media centre, magazines, an online service, controllers […]

Nexon to bring SINoALICE to mobile devices

Nexon will bring Snow White, Cinderella, The Nutcracker, The Three Little Pigs, Wonderland’s Alice and more to life with SINoALICE, the dark fantasy role-playing game (RPG) codeveloped by Square Enix and Pokelabo; and published for iPhone and Android by NEXON Korea Corporation, subsidiary of NEXON Co., Ltd., a worldwide leader in free-to-play online and mobile games. […]

Your Business Needs Right MATEs

Back to back meetings? Lengthy presentations? Conference calls? The never-ending appointments and deadlines are inevitably part of a businessman or a business woman’s regular day. A business person needs to integrate multiple variables to ensure a smooth process for his business from A to Z, and having long-lasting battery power on their phone. What better […]

Heroes of the Storm Orphea and Starcraft ll Zeratul are now available!

The first-ever Nexus-born Hero Orphea, heir of Raven Court and daughter of the nefarious Raven Lord, has joined Heroes of the Storm! Orphea is a ranged assassin who dances in and out of battle as she enters the fray against some of Blizzard’s most iconic Heroes. That’s not the only exciting Orphea news we have coming this week! To learn more […]

Uber Rewards have arrived

While Uber is no longer in the country, if you are living in Miami, New Jersey, Denver, Tampa, New York, Washington, DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, and San Diego, you will be privy to the rewards that the program brings. Uber has already rolled out the program effectively on November 14th. It will feature four tiers: Blue, Gold, Platinum, and […]

Microsoft Acquires Developer XOXCO to Improve Conversational AI Research

Microsoft’s endeavours to accelerate its investments in AI continue. The company has acquired XOXCO, a company that builds conversational artificial intelligence and bots. Some of XOXCO’s feats include the creation of Howdy, a bot that helps users schedule meetings on Slack, a popular online and digital workspace. It also created Botkit, which provides the development tools […]

Stan Lee May Have Passed On but You Can Still Catch Him at the Movies

The beloved Stan Lee is as much a superhero as the characters he helped create, having a hand in almost all of Marvel’s most celebrated heroes, including the X-Men, the Fantastic Four, Spider-Man, the Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, and Doctor Strange (except for Captain America). The 95-year-old godfather of Marvel Comics, who was also once […]

Take better selfies at night with Google’s Night Sight

Google Pixel owners can now take better pictures at night with the new Night Sight feature. The feature was rolled out with the low-light photo editing software Google had released. The tech company incorporated A.I. into the new feature hoping to to make the normally dark pictures taken at concerts, bars, or camping trips vivid and bright […]

Snapchat Announces Customisable Bitmoji Swag for Sale

In a financially smart move, Snapchat has announced a new revenue stream for the company utilising its most beloved feature – the Bitmoji – in addition to two new fun features. Fans of the app or the endearing Bitmoji avatars in general can now purchase merchandises directly from the platform thanks to the fresh option […]