Samsung Integrates On-Device AI With The New Exynos 9 Series 9820 Processor

Samsung will be fitting its next generation flagship smartphones with the new Exynos 9 series 9820 processor featuring a fourth-generation custom CPU, 2.0-GBps LTE Advanced Pro modem, and an enhanced neural processing unit.(NPU)

The AI capabilities in the processor is quite remarkable with the NPU, AI-related processing can be carried out directly on the device rather than sending the task to a server, providing faster performance as well as better security of personal information. The NPU will enable a variety of new experiences such as instantly adjusting camera settings for a shot based on the surroundings or recognizing objects to provide information in augmented or virtual reality (AR or VR) settings.

With its enhanced architecture design, the Exynos 9820’s new fourth-generation custom core delivers more improvement in single core performance, better power efficiency and can load data or switch between apps much faster. Graphic optimised Mali-G76 GPU cores have been embedded for improved and longer play time for intensive mobile games and AR applications.

Samsung has also made sure the processor can handle high speed internet with the LTE-Advanced Pro modem which manages 2.0Gbps downlink with 8x carrier aggregation (CA) and 316 megabits-per-second (Mbps) uplink. For instance downloading a FHD high-definition movie of 3.7GB can be downloaded in about 15 seconds and less lag when playing MMOG type games.

Video recording will be smoother thanks to the multi-format codec support, giving encoding and decoding of 4K UHD video reaching speeds of 150 frames per second.

Samsung expects to mass produce the Exynos 9 Series 9820 by end of this year ready for the Galaxy X release next year.

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