Beijing Blames Individuals For Rift Between China-US; Wonder Who?

“Chinese people will not be intimidated by some U.S. politicians’ words and deeds against China and will work with people of other countries to jointly build a brighter future for humanity,” a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said recently.

Rift between China and US has turned into a long cold war which only a change in leadership can offer some sort of respite. President Donald Trump who had been cordial with Beijing in his first 1 year as President, started showing signs of animosity after his mid-term poll. Seeing a bogeyman was needed to boost his popularity, the former TV celebrity, looked to China and began his first strike. Accusing the country of stealing American technology and intellectual property, the President eventually imposed trade duty on good exported to the States. This has grown into a full blown political war using sanctions, duties and arrest as weapons. Mostly orchestrated by US only for China to make commentary rebuttals, however the latest indication of the seriousness was unveiled with the removal of a Chinese foreign embassy in Houston.

China reciprocated by removing an US embassy in Wuhan, things are getting sour to the extent no diplomatic table talk is planned or being suggested. Beijing blames the state of affairs to certain individuals within the Republican party. At a press briefing when asked to comment on U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s anti-China remarks at a hearing, the said spokesperson accused Pompeo of using China for his own political needs instead of focusing on international cooperation to promote American people’s health and employment. As we have come to realise, the position is similar to his boss!

China claims to be unperturbed by the anti-China actions,calling the move will only bring the Chinese people closer together around the Communist Party. Beijing knows to well the situation is only temporary or until Donald Trump sits at the chair, Americans as a whole or potential presidential candidate Joe Biden does not agree with the current President. The blame for now is just pointed towards one or two individuals.

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