Drunks, Among 31 Compounds Issued For Breaking SOP In Port Dickson

Authorities issued 31 compounds over the week to visitors at the popular Port Dickson beach front who violated Standard Operating Procedure in place to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks.

Ever since the RMCO was introduced, places like parks and beaches were once again allowed to be reopen from June 13, a steady increase of patrons are heading to these spots with a watchful eye from council and police officials. Reminders are given on SOP’s but yet there are many who continue to flaunt the rules. Port Dickson is well known for its beaches and smooth sand, with only 45 minute drive from Kuala Lumpur, many chose the spot as a weekend getaway.

PDRM and health officials have been vigilant on monitoring the movement in places that attracts large swath people. Among those breaching SOP’s, physical distancing was at a minimum, masks were rarely seen being worn and hygiene factor was still questionable. Out of the 31 compound issued, 2 were for a couple of drunkards bummed out by the beach.

Supervision will be intensified over the weekends with added personals to keep watch along the seafront and town, authorities have warned beach-goers to maintain SOP and not be out and about after 12am.

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