Drunks, Among 31 Compounds Issued For Breaking SOP In Port Dickson

Authorities issued 31 compounds over the week to visitors at the popular Port Dickson beach front who violated Standard Operating Procedure in place to prevent Covid-19 outbreaks. Ever since the RMCO was introduced, places like parks and beaches were once again allowed to be reopen from June 13, a steady increase of patrons are heading […]

Beijing Blames Individuals For Rift Between China-US; Wonder Who?

“Chinese people will not be intimidated by some U.S. politicians’ words and deeds against China and will work with people of other countries to jointly build a brighter future for humanity,” a Foreign Ministry spokesperson said recently. Rift between China and US has turned into a long cold war which only a change in leadership […]

Regional Food Network Channel AFN Offers Bahasa Content

In true fashion of celebrating unique Asian culinary and cultural experiences, the region’s leading TV and online food channel – Asian Food Network (AFN) – is launching two new websites in Bahasa Malaysia and Indonesia. Catering to a combined population of over 230 million, these websites will deliver hyper-localised content in native languages for the growing foodie […]