Tom Hanks And Rita Wilson Released From Hospital

Tom Hanks has confirmed that he and his wife, Rita Wilson, have both been released from a hospital after receiving treatment for the coronavirus.

In his Instagram post, he shares that both he and his wife are now in isolation at their home in Australia, after receiving treatment.

Hanks first shared that both he and Wilson got the virus while they were in pre-production for Warner Bros. untitled Elvis Presley film in Australia. After he and Wilson tested positive, production was immediately put on hold as they await for Hanks to make a full recovery.

Currently, there are now 368 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across Australia.

Of those, 171 are in New South Wales, 71 in Victoria, 68 in Queensland (where Hanks and Wilson received treatment and are currently in quarantine), 20 in South Australia, 28 in Western Australia, 7 in Tasmania, one in the Northern Territory and two in the Australian Capital Territory.

Unfortunately, 6 people have died from the coronavirus. One died in Western Australia, 3 in New South Wales and 2 in Queensland.

Australia’s prime minister on Monday ordered a 14-day self-isolation period for anyone arriving in the country, much like what Malaysia’s prime minister implemented just last night.

“We knew that the virus cannot be absolutely stopped… but we can slow the spread,” said Scott Morrison.

Foreign cruise liners are banned from docking in Australia for 30 days, though schools will still remain open.

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