Razer’s New Headquarters In Malaysia And What It Means


On the 28th of February, Razer opens their new headquarters in Malaysia. The event was graced by the presence  of Minister of Finance YB Lim Guan Eng and Minister of Youth and Sports YB Syed Saddiq Bin Syed Abdul Rahman.

With this, Razer is building onto their already existing 15 headquarters around the world. With over 280 employees to start their newly opened HQ, the room for growth is plentiful as well.

CEO of Razer Min-Liang Tan spoke about multiple areas that Razer are looking to expand with at their new headquarters. The three main areas he spoke of were:

  1. Building Razer’s Fintech (Financial Technology) hub in Malaysia and having it lead the efforts in South Easy Asia. 
  2. Building on the future of Esports in Malaysia.
  3. Developing the Next-Generation of tech talent in Malaysia.
CEO Min-Liang Tan talking about his plans for South East Asia

Razer’s e-wallet app for the youth, Razer Pay launched last year with 500,000 sign ups in less than a week. The app updated with more features such as coupons, instant messaging and overall improvements.

With the E-Sports scene booming in the world and South East Asia in particular. With support from the Government and Razer, Malaysia’s ESports industry will be taken to a new level. Razer will be the official Esports partner at the upcoming 2019 SEA games and will be looking to support Team Malaysia at the event.

To add to the next-generation in tech, Razer plans to work with the government and industry partners to develop tech talent of the youth in Malaysia. Besides that, collaborating with institutes of higher learning, providing in house training and mentor-ship programs and offering exchange programs with other Razer offices around the world.


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