Will 5G Be The Beginning Of The End Of Humanity?

Is 5G the future or the end of humanity?

Adrenaline is rushing as the news of 5G is arriving very soon here locally. We hear that many telecommunication companies are racing to develop nation’s first accessibility to 5G. Today, we are already at 10 times the speed of 3G – the Allfather that made music and video streaming possible. 5G is envisioned to be the next evolution of mobile networks – assuring to transform the world as we know it.

Realising the tomorrow’s progression today, 5G is expected to bring change in mobile computing and expected to make connected cars, advanced A.I., remote healthcare, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) and more, possible.

But the future can’t be that perfect, can it?

Taking developed countries as an example – United States of America, South Korea and Japan, they have implemented 5G technology way past us. As advanced as it may seem, there is always an ugly side to a story. To make 5G a reality, thousands – maybe millions of antennas will be going up nationwide, in places ranging from our neighborhoods to our highways. These stations are supposedly to be built with fiber optic cables, to project tons of information but with almost zero signal loss. In contrast to how easily the signals can be interrupted, we may even end up bringing stations into our homes at some point too.

However to justify, the skyscraping antennas are only half to what we should be worried about.

Claims are bursting out that the particular radio frequency that’s going to shape up 5G to be great, along with thousands of baby cell towers coming in to expand 5G infrastructures are to pose serious health risks to not just humans but animals and the environment included. Emerging warnings against 5G from the international scientific community should give everyone a second thought about the ‘ideal future’ we’re striving for.

A study conducted by Heuser (n.d) in which he observed firefighters that stationed near cell towers. From the results of the brain scans, Heuser concluded that even low radio frequency (RF) can cause abnormality to the brain function and damage the cells. The RF for 5G is expected to be between 24–86 GHz (in milimmeter wave). This raises the anxiety as to what extent are its implications.

Dr. Gunnar Heuser then adds that the radiation from cell towers may result to a few other symptoms as well such as memory deficiency, confusion and disorientation and also generally enfeebling the human body.

Is progression really worth the sacrifice – literally? What’s your stance?

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