Minister of Finance Welcomes Razer

YB Tuan Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman addressing the crowd

At the opening of Razer’s new Malaysia office Minister of Finance YB Lim Guan Eng and Minister of Youth and Sports YB Tuan Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman were in attendance to welcome the lifestyle brand to Malaysia.

The relationship between The Young Minister and CEO of Razer, Min-Liang Tan actually began in a tweet when he tweeted about the addition of E-sports in Malaysia’s Belanjawan 2019.

Min-Liang Tan tweeting at Syed Saddiq

With this set up, Razer finally moves into their new headquarters at Bangsar South. With this, Minister Lim Guan Eng had this to say:

“The new HQ highlights Razer’s confidence in the Malaysian economy and their commitment to nurture and tap into Malaysia’s rich talent pool to produce technological innovation” He said at the start of the speech

“People are spending more time than ever on games and this is especially true for the youth. According to a study, there were 2.4 billion active gamers in 2018 generating an estimated USD137 Billion or RM560 Billion in revenue.

The global games market is the fastest growing segment within the global entertainment industry and since 2016, the global games market revenue has already exceeded those coming from the global cinema and music makrets combined.” He added.

Minister Eng also mentions how he had actually “nipped in the bud” his son’s Esports career because he did not understand it. The crowd chuckled as he said “He never forgave me for that”.

With such a wide room for growth in the gaming sector, it makes sense why the investment was made for Esports. The partnership with Razer also makes sense in the context of growing the technology sector. E-commerce and on-demand entertainment shows potential especially in the ASEAN region.

To read more about Razer opening their new Headquarters, follow the link.




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