Instagram Introduces New Way To Order Food But Will It Really Help Local Businesses? We Don’t Think So

Today, Instagram has announced the launch of new tools to support local businesses in reaching out to their customers. It may seem long overdue but food businesses can now finally share “Order Food” stickers on Instagram Stories as well as add an action button on their profiles.

When you tap on the Stories’ sticker or on the profile button, you will be redirected to complete your purchase on your preferred food delivery platform. For Malaysia, Instagram will be launching this with Grab and FoodPanda (surprise surprise).

Small businesses are integral to local communities and many are facing immense challenges during the ongoing outbreak. It is Facebook’s hope that these new tools will be able to empower food businesses in staying resilient and connected with their customer base better.

“For many small businesses right now, we know that every sale helps. We want to do our part in helping them stay open, keep in touch with customers, and stay informed on how to navigate this crisis. These new tools make it easier for people to [share fundraisers and] make delivery food orders from small businesses on Instagram”,

Kaylie Smith, Head of Market Operations, Instagram APAC.

How it works for businesses on Instagram:

  • Business accounts can activate an “Order Food” button on their Instagram profile by adding their delivery partner link in Settings, under Action Buttons.

  • Businesses can also add a “Order Food” sticker to their Instagram Stories, which is now available in their Stories tray.

How it works for Instagram users:

  • Users can tap on the Stories sticker or profile button, and will be taken to the food order platform (Grab, FoodPanda and Deliveroo) to complete their purchase.

  • Users can also re-share the Stories stickers in their own Stories to encourage their followers to support a small business.

Sounds like a long overdue update to me, especially with how many businesses are now taking to Instagram to promote their food. That being said, there are lots of restauranteurs out there who feel that Grab’s 30% cut from each delivery order makes it incredibly tough to make a profit.

Given that Instagram has partnered with just Grab and FoodPanda to make this happen, there are still restaurants out there that will see absolutely no benefit from this, so what is the company doing to make sure no one slips through the cracks?


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