How Grab Mart Saved Valentine’s Day; The Future Of Online Shopping

Ah Valentine’s Day, a day for lovers and that special someone that’s celebrated across the world. And there’s almost always the dilemma on what you should get your significant other. Will they like it? What do they expect?How much is it gonna cost me? Do I have the time to go and get the gift? WHAT WILL SHE SAY IF I JUST BRING CHOCOLATES?

Ya’ know, stuff like that. Anything like that ever happen to you?

Anyway, there I was, sitting at my desk thinking “Wow, you really fudged up this one huh?”.

Why? Because I hadn’t even got anything. I didn’t even remember the fact that it was Valentine’s Day until a coworker so very kindly reminded me in the morning. What was I to do? I can’t just leave work and go buy a gift. We’re going for dinner later, and I can’t show up without a gift or have the time to get one before I meet her.

“I’m f***ed.”

Or so I thought. I then very promptly remembered seeing something recently, something that would change everything: Grab.

Yeah, that’s right, Grab’s newly implemented Grab Mart was about to save my butt. They had a bunch of boutique stores, and different candy or chocolate vendors, and even on demand bouquets! I was saved, I’m a good boyfriend, and I wouldn’t have to worry about much else. Heck, I could’ve sent her flowers right before dinner if I wanted to. I was about to be the best boyfriend ever. Then, I got a necklace delivered to me along with some chocolates in a matter of half an hour, and I was set for the night. I had gotten away with forgetting, with none the wiser (unless she reads this).

Look, don’t be like me. Don’t forget important dates like this because you’re just gonna cause problems later, and you’re gonna get in trouble, yadayadayada. You know that.

But what I’m about to say is that Grab implementing a feature like this was genius. They capitalised on the fact that it was Valentine’s Day, very well. They had ads and promos right on the home page, knowing something like this would happen to someone. Overall, I feel like this is more indicative of how popular on-demand shopping and deliveries are.

For now, you can get a Grab Mart delivery from Guardian, MyNews, Watsons, and a whole bunch of other snacks, groceries, boutiques, popcorn, and more. But as it evolves, I can totally see it encompassing even more products, stores, and all sorts of implementations.

Could you imagine ordering something from Lazada or Shopee, and getting it in an hour if the product was around your area? Yeah, that’s the future I want to live in.

Everything I want, at my fingertips, in the matter of hours.

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