No Idea What To Get For Valentine’s Day This Year? Here’s The #1 Thing You Can Gift Your Loved One

Scratching your head trying to think of what to get your better half for Valentine’s day? Fret no more! Why spend money on a romantic dinner when prices are sky rocketing! Don’t be a victim of daylight robbery in the form of a Valentine’s day menu designed to profit off your love! Valentine’s day is a consumerist, entirely arbitrary, shallow interpretation of what romance is supposed to be. That’s right, I said it. Don’t be a part of the cycle of consumerism aaaaaa!

For real though, aside from my thoughts that Valentine’s day is just another Friday, here’s a last minute suggestion on what to “gift” your S.O (significant other) tomorrow.

Give your “valentine” the gift of being a better person! That’s right, stop being a piece of shit. Nothing screams love and affection like being a good other half to your loved one. Why focus on material possessions or a romantic dinner for one night when you’re not exactly a good boyfriend or girlfriend on the regular days, which happen to make up 361/365 days of the year (ofc i’ve deducted for both your birthdays, your anniversary and 

Spending money is the easy way to show that you care. Coming up with a well thought out gift that you hand made is sweet and all, but.. wait. That’s actually a great gift idea. Do that, but also work on being better for your other half (& yourself ofc).

In order to do this, it’s important to take a good long look at yourself, and I don’t mean in the mirror. Are you quick to jump to conclusions? Do you get irritated at the slightest things? Perhaps you can be possessive or even mean at times? Or maybe you simply don’t listen? Realizing these traits are important.

Not only is there nothing more attractive than a person with that level of insight, but realising how you can be will set you on a path to a healthier relationship. Listen, we all want to have a partner and all but do we really understand what that entails? More often than not, we don’t. We just want a partner so we don’t have to be alone, but that’s not the point of a relationship.

I’m not here to give relationship advice so i’ll get back to the point, which is the fact that Valentine’s day is overrated, but to piggyback on all the hype that surrounds it, my message to those of you who have no idea what to get is to decide to be better and follow through with it. You can’t have a “take me as I am or watch me as I go” attitude, it’s just not going to work. Choose growth with your partner and push yourself to be a better person this Valentine’s day.

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