Here’s How To Properly Wear A Face Mask To Help Prevent The Coronavirus

The one thing on many people’s minds right now is the Coronavirus. Yes, you may be sick of hearing it, but it is at this point impossible to not talk about it. The deadly virus has already affected more than 4,000 people and 106 reported deaths from the virus. Last we updated the story, there were 1287 reported cases, but now that number has risen.

So with that, we figured we’d let you know some preventive measures you can take. Keep in mind, this isn’t foolproof and will definitely contain the virus, but it should help for infection control. The video above comes courtesy of QuickTake by Bloomberg, who shows Seto Wing Hong from the World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre, as he explains the proper way to wear a mask.

Firstly, you have to get the right kind of mask. There are plenty of masks on sale out there right now, like cloth ones, which don’t really do anything. For a mask to work, they have to be “the right protective equipment”, basically, the right kind of mask. You know, those ones with a double toned finish, the blue and white? Those kind. They’re called surgical masks, so make sure you get the right kind.

Even the way you wear the mask is important. Keep the blue part of the mask on the outside, while the white is on the inside. This is mainly because it is absorbent so if you cough, it dries up. There’s also a thick white band on the mask, which indicates you should it on the top, covering your nose. That’s a vital step to wearing a mask, is actually covering your nose with it.

Another thing Seto mentions, is that pulling down the mask and removing it is as important as wearing it. If you weren’t aware, you’re not supposed to reuse a mask that you already pulled down.

“Because when you wear a mask, you should consider it dirty.” he says.

Once you remove it, do not touch the mask, and remove it from the straps, and sanitise your hands after. These aren’t sure fire tips to make sure you don’t get infected, but if everyone wore masks properly, we’d be less prone to spreading any form of disease.

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