Here Are The 3 Things You’ll Need To Get Approval For Interstate Travel

Remember how people tried to balik kampung only to get turned away at one of the tolls? Hahaha, yeah that sucked. I’m not going to lie here, the government didn’t exactly do a good job when it came to informing people if they could balik kampung or not.

But they said already what cannot!!

Yes, but there were also so many conditions and conflicting statements on that.

First it was yeah sure go ahead, then it was ok wait, you can but you need to get a letter from the police…only for police stations to become what i’m sure the coronavirus would call a buffet, so they stopped issuing letters.. but then the ones that already had letters could go back.. but then too many people were going back so even the ones with the letters were being turned away.. you get it.

Anyway, with Raya well and truly over, it looks like the government is loosening the restrictions a little here, and by a little, I do mean a little. The people currently stuck in their hometowns because managed to balik kampung without any hassle will now be able to head on back to wherever it is their office is without having to worry about paying the fine.

All you’re going to need are 3 very important things.

  1. A letter summoning you back to the office to start working by your employer 
  2. Your employer’s instructions for you to start working, with your name listed in this letter.
  3. Interstate travel permit – Approval of movement from the District Police Chief after considering your application.

That’s right, you’re going to have to be interviewed by the District Police Chief himself. This whole procedure is just to ensure that all the conniving characters looking to travel interstate without any real reason aren’t successful in their mission.

YOU on the other hand, have nothing to worry about. Because you’re going to be completely honest, right? Right! So if you’re required to be back at the office, make sure you get your company to get these documents ready for you. If you’re not however, I’m pretty you’re going to get caught. Oh well, Good luck!



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