Genshin Impact Doubles The Sales for The Chinese Studio

Genshin Impact has become the household name for the gaming industry. Look around your circle and you shall find one of your clique members playing this game too. It is very interesting to play and the game was even reviewed by one of our writers.

For those who aren’t familiar with the game, kindly tune in to the link above to get yourself familiar with it.

Now, back to the topic. The Chinese developer of Genshin Impact doubled revenue to almost $800 million last year, bagging the position as one of the biggest video game hits of the pandemic era.

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The Shanghai-based developer, MiHoYo has gained over 5 billion yuan (RM 3.13 billion) in sales in 2020, all grace to the fame of the game. 

The studio’s co-founder and president Cai Haoyu told a fellow alumni from Shanghai Jiaotong University in an online speech that MiHoYo increased its headcount by 70% to 2,400 people last year, according to a representative that asked to not be identified. 

The game has attracted criticism for borrowing elements from Nintendo Co.’s Zelda saga for the Switch console, but the game has largely been celebrated by fans and critics and was shortlisted in two categories for The Game Awards 2020.

The first 2 month of its debut, Genshin Impact generated nearly $400 million in global player spending on mobile, according to researcher Sensor Tower. The game which is available for PC and consoles is one of the few examples from China-developed to benefit from a boom in the industry as demand for at-home entertainment surged during Covid-19.

Cai and his two classmates started the MiHoYo at Jiaotong University in 2011 and ever since garnered a loyal following among anime and manga fans for previous mobile hits such as Honkai Impact 3rd. 

The revenue for the studio was close to 2 billion yuan (RM 1.25b) in 2018. The executives at gaming giants like Tencent Holdings Ltd. and NetEase Inc. have as well applauded MiHoYo as an up-and-coming competitor.

So, have you played this game? Do you like it so far? Share your thoughts about the game in the comments section below!

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