Ad Astra Abyssosque! Welcome To Genshin Impact! (Review)

So 2 weeks ago, I was introduced to a new game called Genshin Impact. Now, I haven’t played an adventure-fantasy game in so long, I don’t even remember what the last fantasy game I even played.

Anyways, I became so hooked on this game after hours of playing it on the first day. For this article, I wouldn’t call it much of a review but I will share my thoughts and experience. So before I get into that, let’s take a look of what the game is.

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action role-playing game developed and published by miHoYo. The game features a fantasy open world environment and action based battle system using elemental magic, character switching and uses gacha game monetisation for players to obtain new characters, weapons, and other resources.

So the main story or goal of the game is for the main character to find their twin that’s supposably being held captive by an unknown god. For the intro, you can choose which twin you want to play as; Aether or Lumine. It won’t make a difference which twin you choose but as far as I know, each character have their own unique traits and abilities so choose one you like the most.

I’m currently playing as Aether but I renamed him to a name of my choosing. Paimon, a floating child-like being will be your travelling companion and guide to help you on your quest to find your twin. Along your adventure you will be able to unlock characters, domains, weapons and story quests.

The Big World of Teyvat

First of all, the animation, the characters and world design of the game is breathtaking. Honestly, they didn’t have to make the characters that attractive (I’m lonely okay). The world is so big that you can explore anywhere. You’re free to roam around to find chests filled with items and treasure, hunt for food and do side quests.

So far, there’s 2 nations that are available but in the game, they teased there are 7 nations so you’re gonna have to wait for the new updates (coming soon) to unlock more to the story, maps and characters.

If you’re worried about travelling so long from 1 place to another, don’t worry, there are Teleport Waypoints and Statues Of The Seven for you to active in the places you visit.

You may not see the path (as some parts of the map are not revealed) but you will see the general direction to them so active a Statue Of The Seven to unlock map locations and the Teleport Waypoints so that you can just teleport to those locations.

After playing for 2 weeks and basically almost unlocking every location available, there’s still so much for me to explore, so many enemies to fight and so many side quests to be done. So you’re never gonna get bored from exploring.

Make A Wish

In your first location, Monstadt, you will unlock a few characters for free but as you progress, some of the 23 playable characters are obtained by wishes. It’s always a gamble though.

For standard wishes, you will receive weapons but with every 10 wish, you will receive either a 4-star character or weapon so it really depends on your luck. So be sure to save up on your wishes. Don’t be like me. I used up all my wishes and now I gotta save them up again. Don’t gamble, kids. I have 11 characters so far.

Game Difficulty

The difficulty of the game progresses as you level up your Adventure and World ranking so make sure you build your strength, cook some reviving and healing food before facing really hard bosses and domains. And it won’t hurt to ask help as well from stronger ranking friends.

Elemental Reactions

This is when you can get creative with your team. Each character has their own elemental ability; Anemo (Wind), Pyro (Fire), Cryo (Ice), Hydro (Water), Geo (Earth), Electro (does this need translation?), and Dendro (Nature). Each element has a certain reaction to one another. It makes sense if you apply them in real life too.

The reactions are so cool and helpful once you learned them. With every character you unlock, try matching them together so you can build your dream team. The elemental reactions will definitely come in handy when facing hard enemies.

Cross-Platform Co-Op

What I love about this game is that you can play with your friends by entering each other’s world. However, if you have a lower world ranking than your friend, you may not be able to enter their world but they can enter yours and that’s good enough because they can help you with certain bosses and quests (shoutout to my friends for helping me kick butt)

But Co-Op doesn’t come immediately when you start playing. It’s unlocked once you reached Adventure Ranking 16 so be sure to get those ranks up. Not only does the game support co-op, it’s cross platform too! Whether you’re playing on PC or Mobile, you’ll still be able to play together with your friends or even strangers online.

Final Thoughts

I’m still new at the game so there’s a lot for me to discover and unlock but so far it’s so good. I love the storyline, I became attached to the characters, the animation and music are heaven and I’m having a lot of fun.

Even though this game may look like it took inspirations from other fantasy games, it still got enough personality to stand on its own which is good. So are you on Genshin Impact? Which twin did you choose? Share us your experience in the comments below!




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