The PS5 Accessories You’ll Need To Enhance Your Gaming Experience

With Sony’s PlayStation 5 launching just around the corner, you’re gonna need some other things to make your PS5 gaming experience more fun.

Now just like its predecessors and with every gaming console released ever, there will be accessories that will be sold separately or maybe in a bundle that you should add to your collection. These accessories are not just to make you look cool but it’ll definitely come in handy for gaming.

PS5 Controllers

Well obviously you’ll need the controllers. Don’t worry, it won’t be sold separately with the PS5. The controllers will definitely come in the box. Every new PS5 includes one DualSense controller and it has a two-colour scheme and a more ergonomic design.

The controller features adaptive triggers, a built-in microphone, and haptic feedback, with some games taking advantage of the controller’s features to provide more immersion. The DualSense can connect to Android devices wirelessly. The controller will also connect wirelessly to a PC if your computer supports Bluetooth.

PS5 HD Camera

If you’re considering to venture into live game streaming as your next career step, then consider to invest on the PS5 HD Camera. It includes dual 1080p lenses and is a successor to the PS4 camera. The camera also allows you to remove the background of your camera’s feed and replace it with something else.

Media Remote

The PS5 also has its own media remote. Wait, what? The gaming console can actually double as a device to stream movies and videos just like its predecessor, the PS4. So if you plan to watch movies and shows on your device, the PS5 media remote would be a smart thing to buy.

As far as we know, the PS5 will be available for the rest of the world on November 19. So while we wait for the official launch in Malaysia, consider investing in these accessories as well. Are you getting the PS5 this holiday season?

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