Does Donald Trump Source His Info From Wikipedia? Our Take On How He Got The Population Of Seoul Wrong

University Lecturers Around The World Will Surely Be Disappointed

Can you believe that Donald Trump is in his fourth year as President of the United States? I sure can’t. He was smart enough to dumb down his election propaganda to appeal to the masses during the elections, but four years on and it’s safe to say he’s made more enemies than friends.

As the coronavirus outbreak sweeps through the US, Trump seems hellbent on illustrating just how incompetent and misinformed he is. At the daily coronavirus press conference on Monday night, CNN’s Jim Acosta brought up an excellent point about Trump’s previous comments downplaying the threat posed by the coronavirus.

Trump got rather triggered by this, calling it a nasty question and then proceeding to reiterate that everything he said was true. Except, it wasn’t. That being said, the response that caught my eye the most was his response to a journalists who inquired about why the US still hasn’t ramped up testing for the virus to the same level as that of South Korea.

His response was absolute gold.

I know south korea better than anybody. You know how many people are in Seoul? do you know how big the city of Seoul is? 38 million people, thats bigger than anything we have.

Donald Trump

You see, that would’ve been a perfectly good answer, except he got the population wrong by about 28 million. A simple Wikipedia search shows that the population of South Korea’s capital city stands at 9.776 million as of 2017, with the latest official estimate putting the number at just over 10 million in 2019.

So how on earth did the most famous clown in the world come up with 38 million? My explanation is that he (or someone on his team) mistook the elevation of Seoul for the population. If you look on Wikipedia, it clearly shows that the elevation of the South Korean Capital is 38m, as in 38m above sea level. Not 38 million.

I admit, it’s a bit of a reach, but there really isn’t any other explanation for it. Even if you take into account the metropolitan area encompassing the city, the number goes up to 25 million. If you take the entire population of South Korea, that number shoots up to 51 million.

So how on earth did he come up with 38 million? I’m telling you guys man, with all the misinformation Donald Trump has blessed us with, is it really that hard to believe that the man sources his information from Wikipedia? Heck, he couldn’t even do that right, which oddly enough, is hardly a surprise.

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