Business As Usual For Huawei; U.S. Tech Firms Find Loopholes Around The Ban

U.S. chip makers and tech firms are still selling millions of dollars worth of product to Huawei despite the Trump ban. This comes from 4 people with knowledge of the sales, as reported by the New York Times. Companies including Intel and Micron have found methods of avoiding labelling goods as American made, said the people. This is because goods produced by American companies overseas aren’t always considered American-made.

CEO of Huawei, Ren Zhengfei

Well, I mean they’re not ‘American-made’ if they’re not made in America, are they?

The shipments and components started being sent to Huawei about 3 weeks ago, the people said. The sales from this will help Huawei to create and sell their smartphones and servers, and is kind of a power move. Huawei inadvertently have proved that their products and presence is felt. It shows how difficult it is for the Trump administration to clamp down on companies deemed a national security threat. They also hinted at the possible consequences of altering the web of trade relationships that the world’s electronics industry has with global commerce.

Which isn’t untrue. Tech and the world at this point is synonymous, and I don’t many companies or people could survive without it. While American companies can still sell to Huawei till the mid of August, the ban of components to future Huawei devices is already in place. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out, and who comes up on top.

Because at this point, it just looks like everyone’s losing.

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