Developers Called In By Huawei; New Apps To Be Created For Hong Meng OS

With the new methods tech firms in the U.S. are circumventing the Trump ban, Huawei are back in high spirits and have invited developers to create apps for the Hong Meng OS. We’ve talked about Hong Meng OS before, it’s basically the operating system that future Huawei devices will use when Google stops supporting them with Android OS. And considering that Hong Meng OS will basically be brand new, they need apps and other services developed for their system, because if not, no one’s going to use it.


At The China Open Source Summit 2019 in Shanghai, Xiao Ran, Vice President of Huawei’s strategy and industry development said that Huawei Ark compiler will be open source in August 2019. The Huawei Ark Compiler improves performance through architecture level optimisation. Huawei have claimed that the Compiler can improve system fluency by 24%, system response by 44% and third-party apps fluency to 60%.

And with that, he sent out a call for aid and invite partners, and app developers to join the “Ark of Friends Circle”. This circle of merry men will be for “creating a terminal ecological ark to build a fair, open, healthy and win-win global ecosystem.” And of course, we agree that this is the way to go.

As we’ve mentioned before, the reason Nokia, Blackberry, and any phone that wasn’t using Android failed was because of an inherently bad OS, poor app store, and just an overall poor experience with the devices. So the ecosystem surrounding the OS is arguably even more important that the technical development of the system.

This has in a way, seems to have revitalised Huawei’s hopes. If developers start creating and porting over their apps to the Hong Meng OS, Huawei might not have such a bad run at it after all.

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