This Is Donald Trump’s Logic. Tell Me It Makes Sense

We’ve often asked ourselves here in the office how exactly US president Donald Trump’s mind works. You see, everything he’s said and done thus far seems to defy logic. It’s gotten to the point where I don’t even need to illustrate what he’s said and done in the past, everyone already knows.

That being said, the presidents recent tweets are interesting but only because it gives us a play by play look at how Donald Trump reaches conclusions.

So what is Trump trying to say in this series of tweets? For one, that he did a good job in handling the coronavirus pandemic. False, but okay lets go with it. He brings up the early ban on China, ventilator production and testing, which to be fair they’ve ramped up in recent weeks. He then claims they’ve saved millions of US lives.

You see the thing is, if Trump had actually done his job, MILLIONS more could’ve been saved. At this point Trump is kinda like Kevin from The Office right after he’s dropped the chilli, except if Kevin had just picked up the pot and went on about how much chilli he had saved.

But yeah ok, back to Trump. It’s funny how he brings up testing when he’s been seriously considering cutting down on testing just to make the US look good. Trump then expresses his frustration at the fact that “Fake News” refuses to acknowledge this in a positive way.

Hahaha, when there’s something positive to acknowledge, it will be acknowledged.

He then continues in a follow up tweet about Dr. Anthony Fauci’s high approval ratings and concludes that if Fauci is with his administration, being in charge along with Mike Pence, then the lack of coverage on the good that they do must be because the “lamestream” media are all fake news.

What. A. Conclusion! You see, Fauci has quite literally been the only dude in Trump’s coronavirus task force that’s talking sense, so of course his approval ratings are high. Mike Pence on the other hand, said that there’s no second wave of the virus and that the US is winning the fight against the virus.

Spoiler alert: They’re not.

These are just TWO tweets pulled off his Twitter account. There are literally 53,000 others that are probably just like it. Can anyone vouch for Trump here? We’d really like to hear how exactly the president can actually believe that:

  1. America’s beaten the coronavirus
  2. He’s the reason they beat the virus

He obviously thinks he’s done a good job because of the above so please enlighten us. We need to understand, and so does the rest of the world.


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