Spooktober: Netizen Share Us Their Scary Tech Stories


Your boy is back with this week’s Spooktober post! Today, I’m bringing you guys scary stories submitted to us on our social media as well as stories shared by my friends.

Technology can be extremely helpful in our daily lives but what happens when technology captures something that shouldn’t been seen or heard and I’m talking about supernatural okay, don’t get it twisted.

Here are some of those story submissions:

Cindailah Mana? 

Possibly every Malaysian knows the song Cindai by the legendary Siti Nurhaliza. The song was released 1997 and it has been known to be haunted. According to those stories, you shouldn’t sing this song when you’re alone at night or less your solo might become a duet. There has been countless stories relating to this song.

This story was submitted by a friend of mine saying that 1 time at school, her friend heard weird noises coming from an old broken unplugged radio in the library. She recognised the song to be Cindai by Siti Nurhaliza and immediately left the library. Honestly, I would too and I wouldn’t care if I left the doors unlocked.

The Haunted Iron Man

Submitted on our Instagram, this user shared his story about his time working in a toy shop and how an Iron Man action figure mysteriously fallen off the shelf.

He came in to work and noticed the fallen hero on the floor. According to him, there was no way the action figure could’ve fallen off the shelf so he checked the security camera footage. He described that the way the Iron Man action figured fell off was as if something was pushing or pulling it from the shelf and that it couldn’t have been the wind.

Unfortunately he no longer has a copy of that footage so we’re gonna assume he’s telling the truth but boy would we have loved to see that.

Messing With the Students

Submitted on our Instagram, this girl shared us her ghostly tech experience when she was studying in Japan. Most of the exchange students including herself suddenly start experiencing problems with their laptops and their Wi-fi.

Their batteries couldn’t charge, their keyboard didn’t function and it was said that their dorm was haunted, that it used to be an extension of the hospital next door (having the same layout and all). After returning to Malaysia, her tech worked just fine. Talk about spooky.

When A Stranger Calls?

Submitted by a friend, her encounter with the supernatural was through a call with her mom. As she was talking to her mom on the phone, there was suddenly a roaring or growling sound from the call itself and her mom heard it too. She described as if someone was growling in her ear.

She did felt something was off about the place she was staying at because it was new and there was no one there. Another story she shared was about her cousin who kept getting calls from an unknown number but there was only heavy breathing from the other end but even after changing her number, she still kept getting those strange calls and again there was only heavy breathing. Stalker much? 

So that is it for this week’s Spooktober post! Do you guys have any scary stories to share? Share them with us and we’ll feature them in a future Spooktober post! In the meantime, other than sanitise your tech, maybe you should exorcise them too. Just in case.

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