SOCAR Now Offers RM 30 One-Way Rentals To The Airport

SOCAR the car-sharing app now has a deal exclusive for those who need to get to the airport. From now until the end of August 2019, SOCAR has introduced a special one-way airport rate. If you weren’t aware of what SOCAR was, it basically allows you to rent a car for hours at a time, with the minimum rent time of 30 minutes upto a week. So of course, this would be attractive for people who don’t want the hassle of loans, car ownership, and paying for fuel and other woes that come with owning a car. SOCAR have to an extent, solved that problem.

I mean, imagine just driving to the airport without having to park, and also a more leisurely ride? Cabs and a Grab Car tends to make me feel anxious when I’m going to KLIA. Not to mention, a grab to KLIA costs at least RM 65, so a RM 35 difference with the added cost of convenience could spell trouble for e-hailing services. Not likely, but at the very least a little reaction. This is what SOCAR had to say about the promotion;

Run those important errands, and send yourself to the airport from just RM30 (excl. SST); then take advantage of the Hot Deals (As low as RM0) on the way back. With more than 100 One-way zones on weekdays and 22 One-way zones on weekends from Klang Valley to either KLIA or KLIA 2, it is time you took control of your needs before your flight.

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